Headfield CE Junior School

Year 6

While school is temporarily closed, your teacher has set you the following tasks to complete at home. It is important that you complete all of the tasks set for each day and you complete it to the same high standard that you would do in school.

Work for all subject areas, where possible, should be completed in the 1 new exercise book you have been given. 

Date Literacy learning Maths learning Physical activity Other subject learning


If you want to complete a quiz on your reading book - here is the link.


Practise the following spellings.

Spellings 2.04.20

Complete Ruth's diary.


We would like you to look at graphs. Look through your revision books to find examples of different graphs then answer these questions. 


 Pump it up fitness.

Pump it up

 Learn more about Coronavirus and spend some time talking about it with an adult.

Guide to coronavirus

Complete the worry buster activity. 

Spend some time over the holidays trying some of the activities suggested.


Read Chps 17 & 18 and answer VIPERS.

Chps 17 & 18

Now compare your life with Anne Frank.



Complete today's mixed maths.

Mixed maths

Final day for your class TTRockstars challenge.

 Oti Mabuse dance lesson.

The Greatest showman dance

Or if dancing is not your style, workout with Joe Wicks.

Joe Wicks

Fancy a live science lesson?

The Heart

Draw video game characters.

Drawing characters


Write a story including illustrations. As it is April 1st (April fools day) your story must include a character that plays lots of pranks on their friends and family.

Sneaky Sam

Complete today's mixed maths,

Mixed maths challenge

Don't forget to log in to TTRockstars and play against your class.


Create and plan your own 'Joe Wicks'style exercise circuit.

You need:

- a warm up

- a range of activities which raise heart rate (between 5 & 10)

- rest between each activity 

 Joe Wicks session

Read through the attached information.


Share aware

With an adult create individual E-safety posters to inform people how to use the internet safely. 

Once completed compare your posters - can you advise your adult on how to improve their work :)



Complete a story map.

Where did they travel?

Today's let's look at some algebra.


Dance off time. Challenge someone in your family to a Dance off.

Dance off

Let's try some touch typing.

Touch typing


Read Chp 15 & 16 of The Silver Sword and complete your VIPERS.

Chps 15 & 16

Finish your Anne Frank biography. Remember to check your punctuation.

Complete biography


Complete a 10mins Maths SATS buster.

Play TTRockstars - you have been each set a class competition. 

Don't forget The Body Coach

Or if you fancy slowing things down today try -

Peace Out relaxation 1

3D letter artwork.

Watch the following video and have a go.

3D letter artwork

Choose another letter from your name, you could try your whole name and become an expert!


Practise the following spellings.

Spellings 27.3.20

Continue with your Anne Frank biography.

Continue biography

Today we are looking at measures.

Measures and decimals

Why not have some fun in the kitchen putting your measuring skills to good use by doing some baking?

Challenge for the week - each class has been set a boys v girls rockstar challenge. Who will be victorious?

Keep fit with Joe Wicks 9am.

If you fancy a dance today - I gotta feeling

Create some amazing artwork to uplift our community.

Rainbow art


Use your knowledge of Anne Frank to write a biography.

Biography opening

Complete a 10 mins maths buster.

Then the following mixed reasoning questions.

Reasoning mixed 2

Don't forget Joe Wicks every morning at 9am.

If you fancy a dance - try the following.

Can't stop the feeling

Watch the following video.

WW2 Music

Then follow the instructions below.

Music lyrics


 Create a storyboard of your favourite chapter from the Silver Sword.

E.g Finding Edek at the Soup Kitchen.

Story board

Complete the reasoning questions attached. 

Play TTRockstars

Reasoning mixed 1


 Boxing workout. Don't worry about the weights. Use a pair of socks!

Boxing workout

Create a game you can play at home, using anything that is lying around the house or garden. When I was young I used to play 'Hide the Sock' with my brother. One had to hid it - the other searched for it. Write a set of instructions for how to play (and win) your game.


Click on the link below.

Character description

From your Home learning pack. Complete Arithmetic 1.


Hit the button

Focus on times tables,

division facts and

squared numbers.

The Body Coach.

Joe Wicks


Click on the link and follow the instructions.

TV debate


Read  Chapters 13 & 14 of The Silver Sword. 


Complete, Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Silver Sword 13 & 14

Look in your revision book at negative numbers. Complete the challenges below

Negative numbers

Try taking your maths outside - can you draw a negative number line and jump forwards and backwards on it?

Keeping fit is important - try the following workout.

High Velocity workout

Complete page one of your Make do and Mend booklet in your packs.