Headfield CE Junior School


School Uniform

There is a dress code for our school. School clothes need to be comfortable and suitable for work and play. Wearing similar clothing to other children gives your child a sense of identity with school and a feeling of togtherness that we strive for here at Headfield. We try to promote high standards and wearing smart school clothes sets a high standard.

We expect every child to wear the following:


  • Navy blue skirt/trousers/pinafore dress or shalwar kameez
  • White blouse or polo shirt (either with or without school logo)
  • Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan (either with or without school logo)
  • Navy blue tights
  • Sensible plain black school shoes
  • Stud-type earrings only
  • White or navy blue scarf
  • Blue and White checked pinafore summer dress


  • Grey or navy trousers
  • White shirt or polo shirt (either with or without school logo)
  • Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan (either with or without school logo)
  • Islamic dress in navy blue
  • Sensible plain black school shoes

Clothes with logos are available from Smart Uniforms, Northgate, Dewsbury as we do not stock them directly at school. Clothing vouchers can be used. At Headfield we encourage families to purchase affordable school uniform and supermarkets offer a great range at affordable prices.

All clothes should be clearly marked with children's names and should be plain or have the school logo.

Any child who persistently wears items of clothing not part of the school uniform may be sent home or provided with school clothing to wear for the rest of the day.

PE Kit

All children must have a change of clothes for PE and outdoor sport.  This should include:

  • White t-shirt or polo shirt
  • Navy blue shorts or navy blue tracksuit bottoms
  • Navy blue sweater for cooler weather
  • Trainers (we do find that trainers are better for outdoor games than pumps, especially if the ground is wet)

Lost Property

All lost property is kept in the hall up to the end of a term. Lost property will then be disposed of.