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“Good teaching ensures that learning gets off to a good start. This continues as they move through school.”
                                                   Ofsted July 2015

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Meet the Governors

School governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children's education. Governors are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards. The role of the governing body is absolutely key to the effectiveness of a school. Governors are supported by the Local Authority who provides information and regular training.

Just a quick email to say that I called into the Office today and saw the information regarding the safeguarding. I wanted to say thank you to all the staff who were so helpful and co-operative. They are an excellent team doing some extremely important work. Everything was as expected and I was pleased with the in depth knowledge of the staff regarding the safeguarding information. Please can you personally pass on my thanks to the team who are our unsung heroes just getting on with their work day in and day out.  I also attended the Year 5 assembly on Friday. There was an excellent parent turnout and a lovely atmosphere. It was excellent to see the students get recognition for their hard work and see other children celebrate with their classes.  The assembly was well planned and organised, we all enjoyed the humour delivered by Mr Lee!                                                                                            Usman Umar - Parent Governor 

The governing body's responsibilities are to:

-Ensure high standards of achievement for all children and young people in the school.

-Help set the school's vision and aims.

-Review and agree policies that the school has written

-Help the school make good use of resources.

-Monitor the school's performance.

-Provide support and challenge to the Headteacher in managing the school.


Governors can be contacted via the school office.

Full governing body meetings at Headfield are held once every half term as are Resources Committee meetings and Standards and Pupils Committee meetings.

I'm currently in my 15th year of teaching and have worked at Headfield since 2004, spending the vast majority of my time working in upper Key Stage 2. As part of the senior leadership team I wanted to become more involved in the wider life of the school by becoming a staff governor.

Mr Steve Lee -Staff governor. 

School Governors

The school has 7 governors.

The Chair of Governors is Mrs Debra Allen

The Vice-Chair of Governors is Mrs Sharon Parker.

The Clerk to the Governing Body is Mrs Amanda Walker 

Address for correspondence:

Chair of Governors
c/o Headfield C E (C) Junior School
Vicarage Road
Thornhill Lees
WF12 9PD

The Governors & their responsibilities are:

LEA Governors

Mrs Sahista Maniar


Stepped down December 2018

Appeals Committee, Resources Committee, Standards & Effectiveness Committee & Premium Link Governor.
Foundation Governors Mrs Debra Allen Standards & Effectiveness Committee, Resources Committee, Appeals Committee, Maths, Art, Music, SEN & Looked After Children.
  Mrs Sharon Parker Literacy & RE, Head Teacher Appraisal Committee, Standards & Effectiveness Committee, Resources Committee & Staff Dismissals Committee.
Staff Governor Mr Steve Lee Resources Committee, PHSE & French.
Co-opted Governor

Mrs Shazia Rasheed

 Standards and Effectiveness Committee

Parent Governors Mr Usman Umar Safeguarding, Child Protection, Staff Dismissals Committee, Headteacher Appraisal Committee, Standards & Effectiveness Committee, PE, History & Geography.
  Mr Toseef Hussain  Staff Dismissals Committee, Standards & Effectiveness Committee, Equality Governor, Science & Computing, Headteacher Appraisal Committee, Pupil Premium.
Headteacher Mrs Louise Brown Governor Training Opportunities, Standards & Effectiveness Committee & Resources Committee.

I am an elected Parent Governor and my son attends the school.  Within the community I have delivered youth work for 30 years as a part time youth worker. I am a qualified England Table Tennis coach and have helped deliver coaching at the school and within the community. I am a very active Governor who attends the school on a regular basis. I have an excellent relationship with the senior leadership team. I am extremely passionate about education and wanted to help the school become an outstanding school in the future. Usman Umar - Parent Governor


Declaration of Business Interests. 

Mrs Sharon Parker - None recorded - Nil Return - 25.09.18

Mrs Debra Allen - None recorded - Nil Return - 25.09.18

Mr Steve Lee - None recorded - Nil Return - 25.09.18

Mr Toseef Hussain - None Recorded - Nil Return - 25.09.18

Mrs Louise Brown- None recorded - Nil Return - 25.09.18

Mr Usman Umar - None recorded - Nil Return - 25.09.18

Mrs Sahista Maniar - None recorded - Nil Return - 25.09.18    Resigned December 2018


 Attendance at Full Governors Meetings 

Governor  Term of office began Date of End of Office 25.9.18 27.11.19 29.1.19 19.3.19 11.6.19
Mrs Sahista Maniar


24.09.17  √   √  Stepped down
Mrs Sharon Parker 4.11.14 3.11.18  √  X  √  √  X
Mrs Debra Allen (Chair) 22.12.14 21.12.18  √   √   √  √   √ 
Mr Steve Lee 04.02.17  03.02.21  √   √   √  √   √ 
Mr Toseef Hussain 15.03.16  14.03.20  √   √   √  √   √ 
Mr Usman Umar  8.10.16  7.10.20   √   √   √  X X
Mrs Louise Brown 01.09.15     √   √   √  √   √ 
Mrs Shazia Rasheed 11.7.19 10.7.23  √ 

Resources Committee Attendees

Attendee  8.10.18 10.12.18 04.02.19 25.03.19 24.06.19
Mrs Debbie Allen (Chair) X  √   √  √  √ 
Mr Steve Lee √   √   √  √  √ 
Mrs Sharon Parker  √   √   √   √  X
Mrs Sahista Maniar √  X Stepped down
Mrs Louise Brown √   √   √  √  √ 

Mrs Emma Kendall(SBM)


 √   √  √  √ 

Mrs Rebecca Miller (DHT)


 √   √  X √ 

Mr Liam Ryan (Site Manager)


 √   √  √  √ 

Standards and Effectiveness Committee Attendees

Attendee 16.10.18 4.12.18 15.01.19 30.04.19 09.07.19
Mrs Sharon Parker   √  Postponed  X  √ 
Mr Toseef Hussain   √   √  X
Mrs Sahista Maniar X Stepped down
Mrs Deborah Allen (Chair)  √   √  √ 
Mr Usman Umar X X X
Mrs Louise Brown  √   √  √ 
Mrs Rebecca Miller (DHT)  √   √  √ 

Head Teacher Appraisal Attendees 

Attendee 18.12.18
Mrs Sharon Parker (Chair)   √     
Mr Usman Umar  √     
Mr Toseef Hussain   √ 
Mrs Louise Brown  √     
Ms Monica Deb (LA)  √     

Governor Allowances Policy

Governor Visits Policy

Governors Code of Conduct