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Music at Headfield

Music Policy 

The information on this page relates to Headfield’s provision for National Curriculum Music. 
At Headfield we deliver the prescribed National Curriculum for Music. In order to facilitate the delivery of key skills and concepts we are using the Sing Up resources, to enhance this we also have strong links with professional musicians and companies to augment learning opportunities.

To date, we have worked with Artis, Northern Ballet and this year we continue to develop links with other facilitators such as Opera North and the Kirklees Music School (Hub).

This year it has been decided we will make full use of the Sing Up resources available. Our aim is to develop the Singing Curriculum within our school and we will supplement this with Bamboo Tamboo.


Arts Ambassadors

Arts Ambassadors at Headfield are children who have been selected by their class teacher as showing a natural flair and passion for the arts, including music, art, dance, or drama. Each teacher has chosen two children from their class. These Arts Ambassadors meet with Miss Allen at least once a term. During these meetings, the children share memorable learning experiences, delightful work they’ve produced, arts based activities they particularly enjoyed as well as songs they’ve liked during Cornerstones units and singing assemblies.

As a result of the meetings, it has provided staff with a valuable insight in to the children's view and ideas to further refine and review curriculum work for future cohorts.

In addition, some children shared their enjoyment of particular songs which we’ve added to the Singing Assemblies and Clubs. Some of these include: How Far I’ll Go (Moana); Faith (Sing); Walking on Sunshine (Aly and AJ) as well as purchasing a selection of new and different singing assembly songbooks.

May 2019 - Artsmark

We are delighted to announce we have been awarded Silver. Headfield are extremely proud to have been awarded this level as a testament to the hard work and efforts of everyone throughout school. 


Performances for 2018-2019

July 2019

Year 6 rehearsals are underway for this year's performance!

Don't miss out!

The chosen play is Olivia. 

Dates and further details are soon to be released...


June 2019 - Eid

To celebrate Eid this year, our Year 5 children shared a collection of artwork, descriptive writing, role play, and Nazams as well as their experiences of Eid at Mosque and at home. The children wore their Eid clothes and offered a selection of foods with the audience. It was an informative assembly which everyone enjoyed. 

Many thanks to all staff and children for their hard work. 

I believe it's important to celebrate Eid in school because it's a religious festival and it is important to Islam. Many of our Headfield family members are Muslim. Y5

I love celebrating Eid by spending time with my family. Y3

It shows we respect each other and what they believe. Y4

I like having food on Eid. My favourite is Biryani and my Mum's samosas...AND ALL THE DESSERTS! Y4

April 2019 - Easter 

For 2019, the children in F4 entertained everyone with their spectacular retell of the Easter Story. The children and staff have worked extremely hard to prepare and perform for our parents and families, staff and governors.

I really enjoyed watching my friends on the stage. They were amazing!

I liked the singing. I thought the soloists were very good and extremely brave to sing in front of so many people. They should go on Britain's Got Talent.

The best part was the last song and F4's dancing. Everyone enjoyed it.


January 2019 - Young Voices (Sheffield)

" Better than sitting at home and watching the telly!"

"The best part was when all the children, adults and the audience sang and danced together!"

"I've enjoyed spending time with my friends and singing Moana Mashup and the Greatest Showman."

Headfield had an amazing time at this year's Young Voices concert in Sheffield. There were over 5,000 children and over 300 adults from the North of England in attendance. The performance included dancers (street dancers Urban Strides), singers (Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet and Beau Dermott from Britain's Got Talent) and musicians entertaining the audience.

A big thank you to Miss Crossland, Mrs Hadley and Mrs Thorpe for accompanying the children.

A huge thank you to Miss Crossland, Mrs Derenzy-Jones, Mrs Heywood, Mrs Mahmood and Mrs Thorpe for all their help rallying the children every week at Singing Clubs!

Next stop will be visiting our friends in the Infant feeder schools to share our love of singing.



Autumn term:

Year 3 Nativity

Spring term:

Young Voices - Sheffield

National Sing Up day - 14th March

Be the Change

Year 4 Easter

Summer term:

Year 5

Year 6

Please note, each class will perform an assembly throughout the year. Parents/carers will be informed and invited to these. The children will perform at both the morning (years 5 and 6) as well as the afternoon(years 3 and 4) assembly times.


Young Voices 2019

Rehearsals for Young Voices 2019 have already begun. This year, we are fortunate to have Mrs Mahmood and Mrs Derenzy-Jones leading the Y3/4 Choir Club on a Tuesday lunchtime with Miss Crossland and Mrs Thorpe leading Y5/6 Choir Club on a Thursday lunchtime. It's been great to see so many new faces joining these clubs.

Our repertoire this year includes: Thank You For the Days; Moana Mashup; Greatest Showman; Pop Medley (Chainsmokers, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons); An American Folk Odyssey and many, many more!! We've been having a brilliant time learning these songs.

We will update this page once we've been to Sheffield in January so please come back to see our thoughts and photos from the concert!


Spring term

‘Wonderful singing!’

‘The costumes were great!’

‘The children spoke clearly for the audience.’

‘A great performance – well done to everyone involved!’


This year, Miss Taylor’s class (G4), performed the Easter production. Many hours of rehearsing have been spent in order to present this enjoyable show for everyone. Children, staff, parents and Governors were invited to attend one of the two performances.


March 2018 - Sing Up


Headfield rattled the rooftops during singing assembly time. The Years 5 and 6 in the morning assembly with Years 3 and 4 during their afternoon assembly. Our school believes singing has a special place within school life as we use it to mark special celebrations, to enhance our curriculum learning and to have fun!

 This year's song is called 'Be the change' and the message of the anthem is all about being the change we want to see in the world.


What can I do to make a positive difference?

As part of the Arts Ambassadors role and thinking about links with British Values, the children considered how they can make a positive difference. They recorded ideas in speech bubbles and these have been displayed for all to see. Some are listed:

 'I will treat people how I would like to be treated.'

'We can help the world by being kind to each other.'

' If someone has no one to play with you could ask them to join your game.'

' Be kind to anyone and anything.'

'Help someone if they are struggling.'

'Smile and it makes you feel better.'


January 2018 - Young Voices 2018 (Sheffield)

"Best day ever!"

"It's amazing because there are so many people singing together!"

This year children from Years 3 to 6, boys and girls, joined other schools from the North of England. There were dancers, singers, beat-boxers and musicians. Everyone had a wonderful time and already looking forward to 2019!

A big thank you to Mrs Azam, Miss Crossland and Mrs Thorpe for accompanying the children!

A huge thank you to Miss Crossland, Miss Holmes, Mrs Mahmood and Mrs Thorpe for all their help rallying the children every week at Singing Club!

We have started rehearsals for National Sing Up day - Wednesday 14th March.



Headfield are lucky to have Miss Holmes and Mrs Mahmood leading the Y3/4 Choir Club on a Tuesday lunchtime as well as Miss Crossland and Mrs Thorpe leading the Y5/6 Choir Club on a Wednesday lunchtime.

Image result for young voices 2018

The children are already rehearsing songs for Young Voices 2018. Headfield are booked for a performance at Sheffield Arena during January.

This time the songs include Hakuna Matata (Lion King), Name that Toon (Bugs, Flintstones, Spiderman, Scooby, Gadget, Dangermouse and T Cat), Africa, Castle on the Hill (Ed Sheeran) and a compilation of Stevie Wonder hits such as As, I Wish, Sir Duke and Signed, Sealed, Delivered.


Recorder Club                      

Miss Allen will be leading the Y5/6 club on a Monday lunchtime. The musicians will learn a variety of songs which they will perform at the Year Group Assemblies as well as visits at our Infant feeder schools.

We are in the process of arranging some dates for November and December!


Performances for 2017-2018

Clubs will perform on a number of occasions throughout the year, including assemblies as well as other events.

Autumn Term

Year 3 Nativity


Spring Term

Young Voices - January 2018 (Sheffield Arena)

Year 4

Year 5


Summer Term

Year 6 performance


Performances for 2016-2017

Clubs will perform at various times throughout the year during assemblies (Recorder Club, Brass, Flute and Choir Club)

Autumn Term

Christmas Showcase – Dewsbury Town Hall

Year 3 Nativity


Spring Term

Young Voices – Sheffield Arena

Year 4 - Easter

Year 5 - Eid


Summer Term

Year 6 performance

July 2017 - Dewsbury Big Sing


Dewsbury Big Sing – July 2017

KMS (Kirklees Music School) have invited Headfield to participate in 2017’s Dewsbury Big Sing (DBS).  The entertaining performance will involve KMS band, Manorcroft Academy, St. Paulinus, St. Joseph’s, Pentland

I & N and Headfield. The choir will be led by Sue Bennett. During the morning, a Choir rehearsal

for all schools will be held at Headfield. This year the song choices include Walking on Sunshine, Count on Me, Eye of the Tiger, Rockstar and True Colours.

Headfield Choirs have started rehearsals – if you’d like to take part then come along to one of the clubs.

Y3 & 4 Choir Club – Monday lunch time with Miss Allen

Y5 & 6 Choir Club – Wednesday lunch time with Miss Crossland and Mrs Thorpe

We hope to see you there!


March 2017 - Sing Up Day

Children and staff at Headfield will be rattling the rooftops on Wednesday 22nd March, when they sing 'Let love shine through' as part of Sing Up Day 2017!

Choir Club

Mrs Thorpe and Miss Crossland are the wonderful duo who lead Choir Club at Headfield. They congregate once a week during lunchtime to rehearse songs for a variety of performances. Please read below to find out some of the events at which Choir Club have performed:

Christmas Showcase – December 2015

December 2015, Choir Club performed in the Christmas Showcase performance, held at Dewsbury Town Hall. It was a collaborative performance within our pyramid (Thornhill Community Academy, Overthorpe, Thornhill J & I Academy and Headfield). Our Choir Club performed songs on the stage and joined in with the ensemble numbers. We are looking forward to the next performance in December 2016. It was a wonderful experience for our children and they were delighted to see their parents, families and members of staff supporting them.

Choir Club visit Pentland I & N School – May 2016

Headfield Choir Club performed songs in preparation for the Dewsbury Big Singers performance later that month. We hope to organise more performances at Pentland and some of the our other Infant feeder schools sometime this year!

 Dewsbury Big Singers – May 2016

KMS (Kirklees Music School) invited Headfield children to participate in the Dewsbury Big Singers (DBS) performance held at Dewsbury Elim Pentecostal Church. The performance included KMS band, Manorcroft Academy, St. Paulinus, Thornhill J & I, Pentland I & N and Headfield. The choir was led by Sue Bennett.

There were a number of songs performed including Happy (Pharrell), I just can't wait to be King (Lion King) and Power in Me (Young Voices).

 Young Voices – 2017

This year Headfield are taking part in Young Voices. Mrs Thorpe, Miss Crossland and Miss Allen are working with the enthusiastic Choir Club to learn the songs and actions ready for our concert! We are still waiting to find out our concert date.

Please come back to find out more!



The Tom Oram Annual Concert for Schools – January 2016

Children at Headfield were invited to attend the Tom Oram Annual Concert for Schools performed by Leeds Symphony Orchestra.

It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to experience watching an orchestra perform live. Leeds Symphony Orchestra is one of the oldest established orchestras in the United Kingdom, having had a continuous existence since 1890. Numbering some 85 players, the Orchestra gives concerts in Leeds, Knaresborough, Wetherby, and Horsforth.

During the interval the children were invited to come and have a closer look and play some of the instruments. Throughout the performance each family of instruments were shared with the audience. The musicians shared some information about their instruments.

 Do you know how an orchestra is arranged?

The musicians are arranged into four sections.

The strings (such as violins and cellos) sit at the front. The woodwind (such as oboes, clarinets, bassoons and flutes) and brass (such as trumpets and French horns) sit in the middle. Percussion (such as kettledrums and xylophone) sit at the back.

 A conductor’s job is to make sure that the musicians play perfectly together. A conductor keeps time using a baton (stick) to clearly count out each individual beat in the tempo (speed) the music is to be played.

Many thanks to Mrs Makin for inviting Headfield children to the performance.

The minibuses have already been booked for the next date – if you would like to come along Miss Allen will be sending a letter soon! Book early to avoid disappointment!