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The aim of the French curriculum at Headfield is to inspire in our children a love for learning languages. There are already a wealth of languages spoken at Headfield and our children enjoy sharing their own languages. Learning another language enables children to make links between them. It also gives them a solid foundation for learning languages at secondary level. French at Headfield is fun, it is taught through songs and games and interactive learning skills. The teaching of French also draws on grammar, punctuation and pronunciation. 

MFL Policy (French)


The French Curriculum

An outline of the topics covered in each year group can be seen below;



Language Day 

In September we had a whole school language day to celebrate the wealth of languages that we have in school. The aim was to develop pupils' awareness of other cultures, teach transferable language or skills and possible pathways learning a different language has to offer. We wanted to give the children a real thirst for new experience and knowledge of the world! There was a strong emphasis on celebrating diversity and learning different cultural values and traditions which in turn encourages tolerance and mutual respect of others. Take a look at the gallery below to see some of the fun activities we got up to. 



French Day

The aim of the day was to get children passionate and enthusiastic about learning French! It was also a great way to fire up children's passion for language learning and their curiosity about the French language and culture. The children and staff had a really fun day and did some wonderful work. Take a look at the photos below to see what we got up to!


There is a selection of French (and dual language) books in the library available for children to take home and enjoy at their leisure. We have recently purchased some more traditional fairy tale stories which the children are excited to loan out and take home. 


Reading Competition:

In the Autumn term we had a French reading competition which was a huge success! Each time a child loaned out a French book they received a sticker on their French passport...once they had collected 10 stickers they won a prize! :) It is lovely to see children develop a love for reading and accessing books that they would not always necessarily first go for. 

French Lunch Time Club:

Every week we run a French club which is available for pupils in Years 3 and 4. This is the perfect chance for children to practise their speaking skills and apply what they have learnt. We have a variety of different games that the children enjoy playing with. This opportunity has now been opened up to our Year 5 & 6 children this half term too!


We are very excited because Headfield has now collaborated with two different primary schools in France. A small selection of children from Year 3 and 4 have been taking part in a Pen Pal System. This has given the children a real life purpose for writing, which the children have been very enthusiastic to do. They are now able to construct and write simple sentences. We are hoping to open up this opportunity with more children later in the year. As well as giving the children a real life writing opportunity this also allows children to practise their reading skills. 

Learning Environment:

Displays have been created around school to support the development of key vocabulary. By immersing the children with vocabulary in the school environment it will enable the children to continue to practice and recap vocabulary learnt during lesson time.


A new playground sign has been purchased which labels the different parts of the body to encourage children to continually keep practising their French skills even outside of the classroom. 

French TV:

Watching French TV is an excellent way to help you to get better at listening and understanding French! Have a go at watching some French animations. Tivi 5 Monde has a variety of different episodes for you to watch! Click on the link to watch.

Tivi 5 Monde

 Useful Websites and Learning Tools:

Here are some websites that you can use at home too to help you improve your understanding of French. 

French Language games - www.digitaldialects.com/iPad/French.htm

700 French Games & Activities - www.hello-world.com/languages.php/?language=French/&translate=French 

Euroclub School - www.euroclubschools.co.uk

BBC Primary Languages - http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primarylanguages/french/