Headfield CE Junior School


Headfield Junior School utilises a piece of software known as "Junior Librarian" which is available to all of the students in the school and is located within our Library. It is a "sophisticated library management system that's fun to use, supports the curriculum and has bags of pupil appeal". It means that the school can have all of the books contained within the library catalogued for the students to use, the interface is also pupil friendly (which means the students can use it!). Junior Librarian also encourages the children to review the books they have read and also allows the school to monitor the reading trends of the children from any year. This library can also be accessed from the comfort of your own home or at the school. Thousands of safe websites are included and it's just another way that ICT can help with making reading books seem a lot more fun!

If you would like to access Junior Librarian from your own computer at home, please follow these simple instructions:

  1. Click on the following link todownload Microsoft Silverlight(this is essential to the operation of Junior Librarian).

    If you would like to find out what Microsoft Silverlight is, then please feel free to click here for more information.

    2. Once you have installed Microsoft Silverlight - even though Microsoft does not tell you to do this, please reboot your computer. From the schools experience with Silverlight, it can be problematic if a reboot is not done first.

    3. Once you load your web browser upon rebooting, nothing will appear different because Silverlight runs when it is needed and it is a silent program (in other words, it runs quietly in the background).

    4. Next, click on the following link to go to the schools junior librarian system.

    5. Have fun!

    Please Note: Microsoft Silverlight & Junior Librarian have been tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, 8 and Mozilla Firefox. Any other distributions of browser have not been tested.