Headfield CE Junior School

Visits and Visitors

Robinwood Residential

Watch the video below to see what activities children can do and how much our students have enjoyed their experiences at Robinwood.


You can also visit their website using the link below.



As part of our RE work on Sikhism, children visit a Gurdwara and see and hear first-hand how, where and why Sikhs worship and live the way they do.

Huddersfield's main Gurdwara 


Aspirations Day

Aspirations day is an opportunity for the children to discuss some of the options available to them when they finish school. The children learnt about some of their options through class-based and outdoor learning, having the chance to speak with professionals and through written information and practical sessions.






We are fortunate to have magistrates come to our school and teach our children about the criminal justice system. After some class based learning, children visit a court and take part in a mock trial at Dewsbury Town Hall.

 Dewsbury Town Hall



Every year, year 6 spend a day in Filey exploring the beach environment, learning about fossils and enjoying themselves.

This is a picture of the section of beach we visit.

Filey Beach


Alex Fellows

Alex Fellows and Headfield have a proud, long history of putting together amazing productions including The Lord of the Flies, Macbeth & The Highway Man. The following are some photos from the rehearsals and performances.

  Alex Fellows rehearsing Lord of the Flies 




Parent Workshops

Throughout the year we invite parents to come and join us in classes to find out how to help their child achieve even better. We love it when parents come and join in and judging by their comments our parents enjoy them and find them useful too.

"I found the maths workshop very useful."

"The teacher was kind and informative."

"Very interesting way of teaching. My child is more confident than before."



Every year we have Miss Lucy come and teach dance to the children in year 6. Last year the children made a dance based around the subject of Vikings, focussing on daily life, travelling and settling.

They also learnt to do the Hakka.


Drugs and Cyber Bullying

PC Whitehouse is a regular visitor to school to talk to the children about drugs and cyber bullying. Year 6 had their first visit in October as part of their Blood Heart project, learning about the effects of drugs on our bodies.