Headfield CE Junior School

Design and Technology

DT Policy 

It is important to prepare children for a technological future and provide children with the design and technology skills that will be vital for future jobs and valuable life skills.

At Headfield we provide opportunities for each child to design, make and evaluate their ideas through a series of exciting projects linked to their current cornerstones topic. Children are encouraged to be inventive and use a wide range of tools and materials.



Design Technology also includes the designing, making and evaluating of different foods. Our pupils are taught important cooking skills, as well as developing an understanding of nutrition, where food is sourced and healthy eating.

The main projects carried out in each year group are:


Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Term 1




Roman Shields


Moonscape Textiles


Working Heart Model

Term 2


Icarus’ Wings


USA Classic Dishes




Air Raid Shelters

Term 3


Biscuit Making


Electronic Submarine


Cooking using UK Crops


Fruit Punch/Mexican Feast