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Festivals, Competitions, Fixtures and Results 2013/14

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At Headfield we have seen a huge impact that the School Sports Partnership can have on the attendance of school clubs, both during and after schoool.  The idea of competing for school gives our children a real insentive to take part in after school sessions.  Our aim is to enter as many events as possible while always ensuring that we take in to account other factors - both academic and community related.

Festivals and Events

 2nd October 2013 - St John Fisher School Games Organiser Area Cross Country Qualifier.

We entered three teams in to this competition including children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6.  All the children took part and had a great time.  There was also some success with one year 5 child finish 3rd and qualifying for second round of competition.

16th October 2013 - Kirklees Cross Country Final

Following the success in the previous round, our year 5 runner went on to even more success as a loan runner in this event, finishing a superb 2nd and qualifying for the West Yorkshire Youth Games.

WC   18th Noverber2013 - St John fisher School Games Organiser Area Sports Hall Athletics

This was a brilliantly well attended event and the competition was fanstastic (although rather noisy).  In one of the closest competitions for a long time.  Headfields year 5 and 6 team finished a very respectable 3rd place.

18th  February 2014 - Fit4life - Reluctant Participants Festival 

11 rather grumpy and very reluctant faces set of in to the unknown (as far as they were concerned).  After a couple of hours of tri-golf, new age curling, tennis, dodgeball and boxercise there were 11 very happy faces returning to Headfield.  As a direct result of the event.  1 child wrote a very lovely report (click here) while 6 of the 11 asked to join the tri-golf club.

WC 3 March 2014 - St John Fishers Area Hi5 Netball

2 teams made the journey up to Thornhill Academy for the netball competition which was incredibly well attended (especially after last year - when it was cancelled due to a lack of interest).  This year saw Headfield A win all five of their games to qualify for the St John Area Finals on Tuesday 25 March

13 March 2014 - Kirklees Qualifer KS2 Gymnastics

In terms of the number this event was an amazing success.  Wtih a maximum number of 40 teams entered the organisaition must have been a nightmare.  The standard of competition was exceptional and, in truth, Headfield have a long, long way to go to catch up.  That said all 3 teams thoroughly enjoyed themselves and one child commented on the fact that he didn't realise that it was possible to be so good at gymnastics when only in year 6.

25 March 2014 -  St Johns Fisher Area Hi5 Netball.

Last year, at this event, Headfield managed to score 2 goals without registering a single win.  Lets see how we get on this year...

Another well organised competition run by the Sports Partnership started promptly at 4pm.  Headfield had to sit out the first game while the other 4 teams competed against each other.

Although we started nervously some excellent defending ensured that half time finished at 0-0.  In the second half of the game Ayesha stepped up to the plate and scored two excellent goals to put Headfield in the lead.  As the game drew to a close St Paulinus pulled one, bringing the score to 2-1, but Headfield held on to ensure they got their first ever win of the North Kirklees Finals.

The game against St Peters was very different.  Headfield were rampant.  scoring 6 goals (Muhammed 3, Zamzana 1, Aftab 2) beating our opponents 6-2.  2 wins on the board.  Could this be our year.

The third and penultimate game was a very different matter though. Bywell looked  to be the stronger team taking a 2-0 lead during a competitive first half in which both teams had opportunities to score goals,  In the second half Nazish defended magnificently and Esa managed to pull back one goal. By now Headfield were back on form.  Unfortunately the crucial goal just wouldn't come ...

Not until the dying seconds of the match when Laiba stepped up and shot for goal.  The netball hit the hoop and circled the goal once, twice, three times before dropping in for Headfields equaliser.  The final whistle blew before the restart could be taken ensuring that Bywell and Headfield remained equal on points. 2-2.

The final game required a good win from Headfield and 2 goals from Zamzana and a goal from Muhammed ensured Headfield won a game that they dominated easily and could have scored even more than 3.   3-0 and with it the competition.

A very competitive competition and a great performance combined to make a great evening of sports.  Well done Headfield - bring on the Kirklees final at Newsome College on the 8th April.

1st April 2014 - Kirklees Qualifier Tag Rugby

This year seems to be breaking all records in terms of participation.  38 teams, in four leagues, started the day at the very nice grounds of Hudderfield RFU.  The rain over recent days meant that the tournament had to be played on the astro-turf rather than on the fields but in truth this was to our advantage as the pitch size was similar in size to the one we had been training on.

Eight matches were ahead of us but we didn't get off to a good start losing 2-4 to St Josephs.  We turned the score around in our second game - beating Scapegoat Hill 4-2 and in our third game we managed to score another 4 tries to Birkbys 3 (2 wins).

A stunning performance saw Headfield win 5-2 against Our Lady Of Lourdes and an equally impressive performance saw Headfield beat Marsden 3-2 (4 wins and 1 defeat).

Our next opponents were Hartshead who had lost only one game by this point.  Hartshead were easily the better team with some very quick play.  They beat us 5-0 but in truth they had 2 or 3 very good tries disallowed.

Helme were our seventh opponents of the day and the tie saw 10 tries.  Six of which belonged to Headfield  - another win (6-4).

Our final opponents, Reinwood, were unbeaten on the day and looked nailed on to qualify for the quarter finals.  they scored two tries and looked very strong but a positive attitude and a willingness to listen to each other and their coach, saw Headfield score 3 tries in quick succession to win the game 3-2.

Headfield played as a team.  Narrowly missing out on a quarter final place by 1 win but they supported each other and behaviour impeccably - both on and off the pitch.  As one of the teachers said about Headfield "... they are playing the best rugby, they recycle the ball really well."

Well done team you did our school proud.

8th April - Kirklees Finals Netball

The day of the Kirklees Netball Final.

    7 children boarded the minibus, geared up and eager to face the challenge ahead of them.

    For the first 15 minutes we practiced as we arrived before most of the teams. 

    Finally the match started.  In my opinion our opponenets were pretty tough but bearing in mind that this was the final and only the best teams were there to compete.  Nazish scored first before Scisset pulled one back 1-1 at half time.  When the final whistle blew the final standing was I to Headfield and 3 to Scisset - not a good start.

    Whilst we were getting ready for the next game Miss Ismail complained, " My hands are too cold!"  At first her complaining was alright but soon it become very annoying to everyone in the team because every 5 minutes we heard, "My hands are cold!" or "My hands feel like they're going to drop off!"

    The second match started, Headfield played well but the chidlren from Meltham were REALLY TALL!  Headfield lost by 2 goals to  0.   

     In the third match Headfield missed lots of chances to score as we were unable to shoot properly - although you can't blame us as it was very cold and windy (I'm sure Miss Ismail would agree with that!) 0-0.

  The fourth game was against Batteyford, they were about the same height as Headfield so it was more of an equal game.  Headfield won by 7 goals to 0.  It was a greate step up from the previous matches. 

  Then came the final game, by now most of the team were agreeing with Miss Ismail about the cold.   We were against St. Paulinus, a team we had drawn with to win the North Kirklees Final, this team were very strong and lots of the Headfield team were being knocked to the floor.  Headfield lost 4-1.  Everyone was cold, exhausted and a bit down.       

    We couldn't wait to go home.

    Despite the cold and the performances Headfield soon cheered up when they recalled just how well they had done to get to this Festival.  And, given that 5 of the 7 players were from year 5 and will be able to play next year, the future of netball at Headfield looks bright.



28 and 29 April 2014 - Bikeablility

20 children took part in this years bikeablility.  All of them achieved their level 2 and showed fantastic road awareness - well done year 5.

8 May 2014 Kickit Competition  - PLT (TOH) Competition

This will be the second of the events organised between Thornhill, Overthorpe and Headfield.  Up to 15 year 3 children will be playing competing in the 'made up' game and most of all, having lots of fun -  watch out for other other events coming up during the summer term.  WATCH THIS SPACE ...DATES MAY CHANGE ... and indeed they have.  This event has been moved to 26 June but may have to move again dependent on other commitments.

20 May 2014 - Year 3/4 Drax Cricket

From the first group game it was clear that both Headfield and Westmoor possessed exceptional quality in both their male and female cricketers and it was fitting both unbeaten teams met in the final. Westmoor won the toss and elected to bat first hoping to produce a big score from their powerful batters which so many bowlers could not reign in. Some well-disciplined bowling from Headfield, however, restricted the stroke play of Westmoor resulting in a final score of 243 which, with the batting line up Headfield had, seemed reachable. The game remained tight throughout the second innings as the regular boundaries hit were checked by the regular wickets falling. The final pair arrived at the crease knowing the game was incredibly close. A couple of fine shots down the ground for four and over square leg six coupled with the loss of wickets ensured the match would be close. A crowd of players, parents and coaches gathered around the umpires to reveal which school had proved triumphant. It was announced that Headfield had won by 14 runs and would be competing in the next phase of the competition at Pudsey St Lawrence Cricket Club and the nervousness of the players was replaced by sheer excitement. The winners of that West Yorkshire event will progress to the Yorkshire Final which is held prior to a Big Blast T20 fixture at Headingley.

Congratulations therefore to Headfield who will represent the area in the West Yorkshire finals on the 19th June. Each one of the 17 schools and each pupil must too be congratulated for their efforts, fair play, enthusiasm and commitment in providing a hugely enjoyable event which provided many children with their first opportunity to compete in a competitive environment, at an excellent facility, emphasising enjoyment above all else.

Extract from a report written by Mick Troop (SGO)

W/C 2nd or 9th June 2014 - St John Fisher SGO Area Year 5/6 Kwik Cricket Qualifiers

The afternoon saw the beginning of the qualifier at Hanging Heaton CC. Four schools, Boothroyd, Headfield, Thornhill and Westmoor faced each other in a league format initially, to determine the top two to meet in a final. Headfield emerged unbeaten in the group stage to qualify for that final, recording a couple of comfortable wins along the way due to explosive batting and wily  bowling from all members of the team whilst maintaining a high level of sportsmanship. Boothroyd defeated Westmoor in the final group game to book their passage into the final against Headfield.

Boothroyd won the toss and elected to set a score to defend. The Boothroyd batters struggled to score runs off the shrewd bowling of the Headfield team, whose every team member looked increasingly threatening as the day progressed.  Headfield completed the chase with no major difficulties to qualify for the North Kirkless Final.

12 June 2014 - Year 5/6 Girls Only Kwick Cricket, Kirklees Qualifier

A nervouse girls cricket team travelled to Kirkburton to take part in their first ever cricket competition. 

A nervous start in unfamiliar surroundings meant that Headfield lost their first game to Kirkburton B by just 12 runs.  As confidence grew and the team became more familiar with their surroundings, the team began to show their style and won their next two games. 

All enjoyed themselves and, given that 4 members of the team were from year 5, the the future of girls cricket at Headfield looks very positive.

17 June 2014 - Year 5/6 Kirklees Cricket Final

It was a slightly cold day for Summer and the weight of expectation was upon us all after the success of last year’s team. Could we be the first school to retain the shield?

Our first match was against Whitechapel and we restricted their scoring (due to some excellent fielding) to 6. We then went into bat and quickly took a good lead and, despite losing 4 wickets, won with a final score of 43.

The second match was against Battyeford in which we batted first. After a slow start we gradually increased our score up to a very respectable 59. Battyeford struggled with the bat, playing a lot of shots towards square leg where Safwan proved invaluable and fielded well. Their final score was 2.

After 2 wins, we were starting to get our confidence and Holy Spirit were the poor victims of a ruthless display by our team. Holy Spirit scored a total of 0 runs and were quickly put out of sight by a marvellous 7 sixes from Khidaash in 12 balls, 2 of which went into the car park! The man who had gone to retrieve the first one was just getting back when the second one went over! Our opening pair of Khidaash and Iyaaz scored 44 from 2 overs, with Headfield getting a final score of 84.

By the time we had got to the 4th game it was becoming clear we were one of the best 2 teams in the competition. Our scout, Miss Akram, who had been informing us of our next opponents strengths and weaknesses had highlighted our final game as being the decisive one and discovered 3 very good players in their team. The fourth game against Priestley House went without a hitch with us getting 5 wickets in the first 3 overs and them scoring only 5 runs. We batted well and scored a total of 261.

The final was to be played between Headfield and Hartshead. Hartshead being a school with only 5 boys in year 6. We were put into bat and started badly in the first over. Our score went up and down before finally our innings ended on 28. Our worst score so far and we knew they had some very good batters…After a slight change to our bowling order we kept their score down quite well to begin with, however with only 1 over to go Hartshead had taken the lead by 2 runs. We needed wickets…however Hartshead scored another 3 runs, putting them 5 ahead. The next ball we got a wicket and the scores were tied at 28 each…Hartshead scored another 3 runs and we needed a wicket again. We were beginning to think this might not be our day…but then the ball went behind and their non-striker ran but the other batsman didn’t. Umar threw the ball to Khidaash for an easy run out. We were winning by 2 runs! Khidaash bowled a good last ball ensuring they didn’t score and we had won!

The closest game ever played at the North Kirklees Finals and such an exciting ending with the scores swinging one way and then the other and gladly ending in a victory for us. It was hard not to feel sorry for Hartshead who came so close and gave us such a great game.

So we became the first school to retain the shield for the North Kirklees Finals and we now have both our Y3/4 team and our Yr5/6 team in their respective West Yorkshire Finals.

Go Headfield!

18 June 2014 Year 5/6 Dewsbury Swimming Gala

The swimming gala was once again very well attended.  The 6, slightly nervous, members of the swimming team were very well supported by a record number of family members who clapped and cheered our team (including Headfields very own resident super fan - Mrs J) as they gave their all in the hope of getting in to the finals and having a chance of being awarded a medal by Mrs Kelly who was one of the guests of honour for the evenings event, in recognition of her many, many, many, many years of service.

Team Headfield were unlucky on the day but were closs to gaining a finals place in just about every one of their races - once again you smiled, you cheered and you made your parents proud.

19 June 2014 - Year 4, West Yorkshire Cricket Finals - Year 4

With the win earlier this month, today promises to be very buisy for year 4 sport with the whole of the year group out competiting at cricket or enjoying some wonderful activities at Leeds Road playing fields.

19 June 2014 - Mission Active - Year 4

Year 4 children have a real treat in store for them later this year when they decamp on mass to Leeds Road playing fields for this fun filled event.

24 June 2014 Tri-Golf - St John Fisher SGO Area.

Having atttended this event 3 years ago.  It has always been our intention to put a team in again.  This year, with the success of the tri-golf club, it's looking like we will achieve exactly that.

26 June 2014 Year 5/6 Cricket - West Yorkshire Finals.

Having won the Kirklees final for the second year running, the team and the whole school are eager to see if the we can progress to the County finals once more...

Our first match of this competition was against a Calderdale side - Ripponden.  We batted and bowled confidently with each and every player aware of the task at hand.  No one was taking the opposition for granted and never eased off their game once.  As a result Headfield finished the match comfortable winners while a very sporting and friendly Ripponden realised that the level of competition could prove to be too much for them.

The second game was against last years Drax competition winners.  A very good batting side.  Outstanding fielding and excellent care of our wicket (we never lost one during the whole of the game) saw Hedfield victorious for a second game.

Our third game was against St Johns of Wakefield.  A very sporting team that, like Ripponden, struggled throughout the course of the day.  Win number 3.

At this point the Bradford team had won two games while the Leeds team and ourselves had recorded three wins.  We were still to play the Bradford team - a win would see Headfield topping the league and going straight into the semi-finals...

A number of circumstances lead to Headfield throwing numerous wickets away and, despite the scores being very close at the end of the match, Headfield had lost.   This meant that all three teams had finished on ten points and the number of wickets lost had to be counted to decide the two teams to make the semi-finals.   Thankfully, due to the fact that we didn't lose any wickets against the team from Leeds, Headfield had made it through to the semi-finals to play Pool.

A gripping game against Pool ensued with Headfield needing 8 runs going into the last over.  A four of the first ball left Headfield needing 4 to win.  A 6 quickly followed which meant that Headfield only had to defend to win the game and make it to the finals (going one step further than we did last year).  We did exactly that and won by two runs.

The final was a South Kirklees versus North Kirklees affair.  Both teams were fantastic as they prepared for the match.  Boys on both sides were calling out "Kirklees can't lose!" and "We are all Kirklees."

Honley took the bat and proceeded to hit us for 6 (literally).  They reached a total of 96 - how could we ever reach that?  The team, as they had through out,  took to the challenge.  A fantastic 2 overs for Khidash (Kid-A) and Iyaaz saw the partnership stack up 45 runs.  The rest of the team continued to add runs to the score - the Headfield scorer (me) lost track of things in the excitment but we knew it was getting close.  With just two balls to go Headfield managed to pull the scores level - 96 all.  Zak was on strike having just hit a four.  Last ball.  A good ball.  A defensive shot.  A run - no.  Not quite.

The match was drawn - unbelievable!

Then a nervous weight as the umpires counted the number of wickets lost by each team.  Honley had lost one wicket to Headfields two wickets and had won the West Yorkshire title. 

Both teams continued to be amazing.  The Honley side were as gracious in victory as Headfield were in defeat.  This was probably one of my proudest days in teaching - not just for the final result but because of the impeccable way we had conducted ourselves - an example to all.

Our consolation - a place at the County Finals for the second year running - Thursday 3 July 2014 in York.

7 and 8 July 2014 - Bikeablility

What a wonderful time to do spend a couple of days out on the bike in Yorkshire.  No thats not a quote from Chris Froome from about the Grande Depart but the anticipation that is growing ahead of the second set of bikeabliilty sessions.

8 July 2014 St John Fisher SSP Orienteering Year5/6

We are hoping to be able to find our way in to entereing a team in to this years event for the second year in a row.

11 July 2014 Whole School Sports Day

Following the success of the London Olymics Sports, we will be organising inter year group competitions leading up to this whole school event.

14 July 2014 Bikeability Cycling Competition (in house)