Headfield CE Junior School

Year 3

While school is temporarily closed, your teacher has set you the following tasks to complete at home. It is important that you complete all of the tasks set for each day and you complete it to the same high standard that you would do in school. 

Work for all subject areas, where possible, should be completed in the 1 new exercise book you have been given. 

Date Literacy learning Maths learning Physical activity Other subject learning


Make up your own Mr Men or Little Miss Character. Write a short story about a day in their life.


Here are some ideas:

Little Miss/Mr Home School

Little Miss/Mr Reading

Little Miss/ Mr Maths

Little Miss/Mr Boring

Little Miss/Mr Celebration



Don’t forget to practice your weekly spellings using the spelling cards:

Year 3 Spellings



Read the text on ‘Alan Turing’, a famous scientist, mathematician and codebreaker.


Alan Turing Comprehension


One star – easy

Two stars – hard

Three stars – Challenge


Complete the comprehension questions according to your ability. Make sure you do not have a sneak peek at the answers!




Here is the answer. Write 12 calculations using a mixture of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Bronze = 12

Silver = 24

Gold = 48


How creative can you be?


Then complete Abacus Textbook Page 10 


Don't forget to play TT Rockstars to improve your recall times!

Joe Wicks on line PE session. If you miss the live feed at 9am you can catch up on You Tube.

Joe Wick's P.E Lesson


So far, Joe has raised £80,000 for the NHS from his PE workouts! What a remarkable achievement!


Or if you prefer an even bigger challenge rise and shine with an intense workout:


The Challenge Workout



Draw a picture of your Little Miss or Mr Men. Don’t forget to add details. It may well be your Little Miss or Mr Men carries/wears an accessory such as a book, glasses, bag etc.


Read the guide to ‘Coronovirus’ then complete page 9 of the guide titled, ‘Worry buster!’


Coronovirus Guide


Or you could try out some of the activities mentioned on pages 16 and 17.


Today we are thinking about gratitude. Write 5 things that you are thankful for in your life. Be sure to remember to include some FANBOY words (For, and, nor, but, or, yet, so).

Consider what makes you feel happy. Who or what is responsible for this happiness? Do you know how to show gratitude for this?

Ideas of things you may be thankful for:

Family members, friends, happiness, faith, food, health, books, games, music or toys.

Who fancies a bit of rapping?

Count in 2's 5's & 10's

Then complete Abacus Textbook Page 9



Keep fit by copying the dance moves of this gonoodle video:


Banana Banana Meatball


Or why not try a live PE lesson with Body Coach Joe Wicks at 9am:

Joe Wick's P.E Lesson



Internet Safety:

Watch this internet safety video carefully with an adult:

Stay Safe Online

Afterwards discuss 5 top tips of how to stay safe online.

Today’s task: Create a poster or leaflet explaining tips of how to stay safe while surfing the internet.


Here is an E-safety document for parents to read:

E-Safety for Parents





1.4.20 Choose one of the characters in your book. Think of 5 questions you would like to ask them. Write your questions down and answer them.

Abacus Textbook Page number 8

Follow the below link and enjoy a five minute workout.


Fitness Workout


Design an Easter Egg




Investigate the life cycle of an animal.

Present your work in an interesting way.


Life Cycle



Imagine that

there is a crocodile

loose on your street

and it is causing lots

of problems. Describe what the crocodile

looks like, the

damage that has

been caused and

write some quotes

from scared


Watch this short         video, which describe what features, should     be included in a newspaper report.

Newspaper Report Features




Recap your four times       tables with Todd & Ziggy!

Four Times Tables

Then complete:

Abacus Textbook                Page number 7




LET’S DANCE!!! Try out the Chu Wa Wa song:

Chu Wa Wa Song


OR…dance to your favourite     song and show off your best moves!



Research the parts of a flower and draw your own picture with labels.

Word bank:








If you are feeling particularly creative, you might wish to find a flower from your garden and identify the parts on a real flower.

Why not try to learn the parts of a flower song?

Flower Song



Write a fact sheet about either an alligator or crocodile - don’t forget to illustrate it.

Abacus Textbook Page number 6

Yoga Poses

Follow the instructions on the attached sheet to complete your daily physical exercise:










Create 5 different food chains. Each food chain must contain a different predator. Try to present your food chains in interesting ways e.g. collages, pictures etc

27.3.20 SPaG Booklet    Page 1

Abacus Textbook Page number 5

Don’t miss out on Joe Wick’s daily P.E lessons. You will find the class on the link below:


Joe Wick's P.E Lesson


Watch The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle in French 
Make a list of 5 fruits in English and French

Write an acrostic poem about a predator. E.g. SNAKE

Slithering through the grass

No-one noticing

Anacondas large and strong

King Snakes, brightly coloured

Easily crushing their prey

Abacus Textbook Page number 4

Practice the 1 minute balancing challenge we learned in multi-skills.

Create a piece of artwork like the ones we looked at by Catherine Rayner.

Colour your work in different colours not the actual colours of the animal.

25.3.20 Think of the main character in your class text found in your home learning pack. Write a description of the character. Remember to include appearance, likes, dislikes, hobbies, favourite foods etc.

Abacus Textbook                  Page number 3


Repeat 3 times

1.Stretch straight up.

2.Bend down touch the floor.


Repeat 10 times

1.Jumps on the spot

2.Hop on the spot

3.Star jumps

4. Curl in a ball and stretch out straight.


Repeat 3 times

1.Stretch straight up.

2.Bend down touch the floor.


Research and write the Ten Commandments.

Then put them in order of 1-10

1 being most important.

10 as least important.

Say why is your chosen number 1 the most important?


Listen to the story: The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Today write your own version of the story but change, which animals comes for tea. It could be The Elephant/The Crocodile/The Giraffe Who Came To Tea. Try to include some expanded noun phrases to describe the food you eat e.g. some small, delicious buns or sweet, juicy strawberries.

Remember to use a story opener to start your story such as One sunny day/ One cold morning... Also, start your sentences in different ways; Then/Next/After that/ Suddenly/All of a sudden.

Alternatively, you may wish to draw a comic strip showing what would happen in your story.




Today you may like to learn a fun song to teach you the 8 times tables. Click on the following link:

8 Times Tables


Then complete Page 2 from the Abacus book.


Animal Walk – Act like an animal! Slither like a snake, hop like a frog, gallop like a horse, or walk like a bear on all fours. Can you think of any more fun animals?


Get drawing! Draw a picture of the animal who came for tea in your story today showing us the delicious food you all ate together.





Write a narrative piece of work describing an event that took place over the weekend. e.g. I walked for a long, tiring journey to the shops. My legs were killing me! I only wanted to get a drink. As I got nearer to the shop, my steps became faster. "Slow down!" yelled my mum. Abacus Textbook Page number 1

Robot Exercise.

1. Stand up tall.

2. Hop forward, then immediately backwards.

3. At the same time,  raise one arm up and one arm down.

4. Keep hopping your feet front and back while alternating arms up and down simultaneously.

5. Do this 20 times while looking like a robot.

Create a collage using materials around the home to create a picture of your choice. You could even include materials such as leaves and twigs from outside.