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Headfield C of E Junior School

“Good teaching ensures that learning gets off to a good start. This continues as they move through school.”
                                                   Ofsted July 2015

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School Council

Our School Council consists of 4 year group councils and then 1 Whole School Council. 

Each class has two representatives from their class on the Year group Council.

Then representatives from each Year Group Council form the Whole School Council.

The children meet regularly with Mrs Gallagher and discuss matters of concern. The school council are also responsible for charity fundraisers.  

School Council information

The School Council are still encouraging everybody to bring a healthy packed lunch into school so please remember that no crisps or sweets are allowed in school and that water is the healthiest drink to have at lunchtime.

Year 3 School Council 


A3 Mohammed Bilal
A3 Ramesah Bashir
B3 Abdelrahmen Ben-Amara
B3 Safa Noor Rashid
C3 Zain Younis
C3 Husnaa Patel
D3 Aadam Bulbulia
D3 Jannat Mir
E3 Bilal Aswat
E3 Zarah Ali


Year 4 School Council 


F4 Hammad Nadeem
F4 Amelia Sayeed
G4 Yusuf Moosa
G4 Zainab Majid
H4 Bilal Mohamed
H4 Safaanoor Saqib
I4 Eesa Fazal
I4 Ameenah Zamir
J4 Ibrahim Patel
J4 Saarah Nasim


Year 5 School Council 


K5 Bilal Bulbulia
K5 Sanaa Mohmud
L5 Amar bin Khalil
L5 Jumaimah Patel
M5 Aadam Sidat
M5 Ayaana Shah
N5 Abdullah Mumbaiwala
N5 Subaiah Sufi 
O5 Kasim Younis
O5 Amirah Ayub
P5 Zain Baqi
P5 Ramatulai Balde


Year 6 School Council 


Q6 Yahya Zaman
Q6 Sabah Hussain
R6 Kevin Phan
R6 Niha Ahmed
S6 Yusuf Patel
S6 Maariyah Shehzad
T6 Ameer Hamza Yaser
T6 Manahil Saeed
U6 Ebrahim Shaikh
U6 Zainab Adam


Fine Dining

The school council also operate a fine dining system. Children are selected to eat in the "Fine Diners" Restaurant on a Wednesday Lunchtime. The focus for selection changes from time to time and can be to reward excellent manners in the dining hall, to reward good food selection and modelling excellent behaviour. 

Each week a member of staff joins the fine diners for lunch.